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MissGuided is by far one of my favorite brands to shop at. Their simplistic color palette and tenacious fabric quality,¬†along with their attention to the female silhouette are the reasons why they easily hold their place in my top 5 clothing lines. They’re based in the UK but they ship their orders fairly quick. Expect to have your items in less than a week! Take a look at this MissGuided mauve moment I put together paired with the Simmi perspex booties I wear way too often and let me know what you think ūüôā

kiara_oct_look3_001kiara_oct_look3_017 kiara_oct_look3_020


Shop the look <3

MissGuided Satin & Chiffon Maxi Duster Jacket Camel

Satin & Chiffon Maxi Duster Jacket Camel

MissGuided Frill Bardot Crop Top Nude

Frill Bardot Crop Top Nude

MissGuided Lace Up Eyelet Faux Suede Midi Skirt Nude

Lace Up Eyelet Faux Suede Midi Skirt Nude

Simmi Shoes Destiny Nude Perspex Glitter Heel Ankle Boots

Simmi Shoes
Destiny Nude Perspex Glitter Heel Ankle Boots


Hey internet! So, there’s this site that I’ve been eyeing for a while and you guys might have seen it pop up on your FB feeds before. They showcase fresh and colorful¬†looks with patterns that make your eyes dance and make your hands want to input your CC digits and worry about paying your cable bill later. I mean with Netflix and Fire Stick, who really needs cable anyways? If you’re reading this you have access to the internet and I know you who know someone with Netflix or Amazon so go ahead, get their password, save that $200 a month and spend it on something with substance uhhh…like a jumpsuit¬†from this website ūüôā

No, but seriously, almost every item sold is flawless;¬†they accentuate our curves and electrify our melanin. The site acts as a marketplace for African textiles and jewelry and if I was ballin’, I could easily spend a comma in this store.¬†was created by Kelechi due to the lack of modern and trendy Ankara, commonly¬†known as African, inspired pieces in the retail industry. She works with designers all over the world to help potential customers have an easy, one-stop-shop to get a variety of African looks. The Black community¬†wins. We, the consumers, get quality products inspired by the designs from our ancestry while¬†supporting our brothers and sisters whom create them and therefore practicing group economics.

Tariq Nasheed should be proud.

Photography: Tara Scoville

MUA: Malik Edwin

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Why Super Cheap Clothes Aren’t Always A Good Idea

We all love a good deal. If we find a cute dress or a fresh tee for $20 or less, I’m pretty sure the feeling we get is similar to the feeling of winning the lottery. Though I haven’t felt a million dollar check in my hands…yet, I can imagine the euphoria is comparable.

What we fail to realize is that most products that are extremely low in cost are often made with chemicals that have a negative impact on the environment.¬†These chemicals are absorbed through your skin and can cause health risks over time. Even though we want to look good for less, we shouldn’t compromise our health for a good deal. I too, am guilty of jumping at a steal too but as we start to care more about what’s going in our bodies, let’s start paying more attention to what we’re putting on our bodies too ūüôā

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Let It Flow

Finally got myself back behind the lens! It feels good to make a comeback with this look in particular because it represents the spirit that I’m in right now. I’m letting my life flow into what it’s meant to be. I’m continuing to experiment with my natural coils and I’m not letting negative situations shift my focus. I graduated from FIDM LA in June; I experienced Essence Fest for the first time in July; and I’m currently starting a travel + events fueled from my zest for exploring different cultures. Every month, I’m blessed with a new adventure and¬†when I look back on what I’ve been through and how much I’ve grown, I¬†realize how beautiful life truly is. Out of¬†adversity, comes triumph and I’m excited to continue to flow in whatever direction the Lord takes me in. My destiny has¬†already been written and I’m just going along for the ride. <3

Photography: Tara Scoville

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Last year, I was shopping for my first cruise and wanted to find an African dress to take with me. I Googled different black-owned, African stores in my area and came across one that had a variety of Dashiki dresses but none of them stood out. As I was on my way home, I drove past Kutula by Africana and the pieces in the window were gorgeous; I had to see more. I walked in and was immediately greeted by the vibrant owner/designer, Francesca. I moved through the aisles listening to her tell me about their product line as my eyes danced from the bold array of colors to the intricate African prints. As I tried on different pieces, Francesca would teach me the meanings of the patterns I was wearing (if they had any). She even taught me a few different ways to wrap a gele (African head wrap). I felt so comfortable playing dress up and listening to her talk about the motherland. The prices were pretty steep but I was drawn to the clothing details and the African tales so I decided to invest in a piece and support the brand.

Photography: Tara Scoville

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COBA Curls for the Rebelle Girl

When it comes to styling clothes, I get excited to mix and match prints, textures, and colors to achieve a dope look for whatever event its being worn to. Now when it comes to styling my hair, unfortunately I’m not that creative. Whether it’s my natural hair or a weave, I’m always doing basic styles to get me through the day and then there are times when I don’t do even my hair at all smh *palm to face*.

A little while ago, COBA Cosmetology Academy reached out to me and offered to style my hair. I think the hair gods had enough of me embarrassing them lol. I accepted their invitation and as soon as I walked through the door, I was greeted by the senior instructor, Gina Salazar, who introduced me to the stylist that would be working magic on my hair, Chelsea. Currently, I have a weave in my hair using Bromelia Body Wave extensions from Fleur Rebelle, LLC. For people who like low-maintenance hair, like yours truly, this texture will be your bestfriend! It helps me to not look too disheveled when I don’t do my hair but when I do choose to whip something up, my usual go-to style is curls. They’re quick to do and to be honest, it’s pretty much one of the only styles I know how to do, so Chelsea offered to show me a way I can perfect my curls and make them last allllll day.

Check out this video of my visit to COBA and comment below to let me know what you think!

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NigiŇ°iti Nets‚Äôa | Free the Queen

There’s something so beautiful about the natural essence of a being. We live in a time where the superficial is the standard for beauty and the more alterations we make to our temple, the better we think we look and feel. When it came to my hair, I too, thought I looked better with sewn in locks over¬†my intrinsic coiled mane. I’ve witnessed the successful natural hair journey of some of my friends and¬†recently wanted to try it for myself. I wanted to try a style that would define my curls. I wanted to exercise without the fear of “sweating out my hair”. I wanted to embrace my natural naps. I wanted to see what it felt like to be free. I tried flat twists and felt so vulnerable and shy; yet, unchained and unapologetic. I’m on a journey to find my happiness in whatever form that feels right to me and experiencing this form of freedom was an important step forward. I don’t believe adding extensions is detrimental to self-growth unless you feel are less than without them. I recently put back in my extensions in order to shoot a promotion video for¬†Fleur Rebelle, LLC¬†hair and COBA Cosmetology Academy¬†and I can’t wait for you guys to check it out.¬†However,¬†I plan on continuing to experiment with my natural hair for my next styles. No longer do I equate my beauty to solely my weave.¬†Accepting and loving myself for everything I came out the womb with radiates just how beautiful I truly am. Nigisti nets’a tederigwali. The Queen has been set free.

Photography: Tara Scoville

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Rose Quartz

Spring is finally here and pastels are making their way back to the forefront! One of my favorite pastel colors is Rose Quartz. It exudes determination, commitment and can soothe anger and resentment. Beyond the color alone, Rose Quartz is also a healing and well-being crystal that does so much more:

“The fair and lovely Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. Reawakening the heart to its own innate love, it provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, allowing one the capacity to truly give and receive love from others.” -(

Photography: Tara Scoville

Hair: Fleur Rebelle, LLC

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