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Dapper Advisement

The Personality Collection


The Bellwether Project, made up of Dario, Dante and Tim, understands the value of style – personal, situational and aspirational. They are dedicated to helping men curate wardrobes that are built to fit in and designed to stand out. When styling, they help their clients optimize their presentation and add a unique perspective to their brand – personal or commercial.

As stylists and product developers, they look to build a community of partisans who understand the value of presentation and curate garments and accessories with the highest level of craftsmanship, artistry and design.

Scroll below to gain style tips and advice from three dapper dudes. Want to know more? Take a look at their personal blog


where these posts are pulled from.


03 It’s Poggy’s World

“When I first met Poggy I didn’t know who he was or what he did but his style told me everything I needed to know. A very humble man with great humility and a passion for style that I had never experienced. Being a man of few words, he literally says everything through his attire.

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02 (Be)llwethering You with J. Ryan Lacour

Bellwether is all about pushing positive images and even more about powering up those efforts by linking with people who have similar campaigns. One of those people is head of the Be You Campaign, owner of FLY LIFE PR, J. Ryan La Cour.


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01 Ryan Gosling, Dario’s Spirit Animal

So I’ve had this image of Ryan Gosling on my desktop for sometime because as we all know I appreciate great presentation and flawless execution when it comes to putting an ensemble together. This is not the first time I’ve seen someone wear a pajama top as a shirt but frankly I never cared until I saw this shot of Gosling at Cannes.

Now here’s a little secret about my style of dress – I will try anything once if I find it interesting. In all seriousness, Ryan can’t have all the fun and well… see for yourself to the left. With the exception of the fact that my shirt is 4 buttons, long sleeve, and the fact that I added a paper boy hat and pocket square, I think it’s pretty dead on – so much so that I’ll be championing this look for the rest of summer.

Cap- H&M

Shirt- Vintage Pajama Top (eBay)

Pants – Uniqlo

Shoes – Vintage from Relic Vintage

If you have questions feel free to email Dario dario@thebellwetherproject.com


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