Hey internet! So, there’s this site that I’ve been eyeing for a while and you guys might have seen it pop up on your FB feeds before. They showcase fresh and colorful looks with patterns that make your eyes dance and make your hands want to input your CC digits and worry about paying your cable bill later. I mean with Netflix and Fire Stick, who really needs cable anyways? If you’re reading this you have access to the internet and I know you who know someone with Netflix or Amazon so go ahead, get their password, save that $200 a month and spend it on something with substance uhhh…like a jumpsuit from this website 🙂

No, but seriously, almost every item sold is flawless; they accentuate our curves and electrify our melanin. The site acts as a marketplace for African textiles and jewelry and if I was ballin’, I could easily spend a comma in this store. was created by Kelechi due to the lack of modern and trendy Ankara, commonly known as African, inspired pieces in the retail industry. She works with designers all over the world to help potential customers have an easy, one-stop-shop to get a variety of African looks. The Black community wins. We, the consumers, get quality products inspired by the designs from our ancestry while supporting our brothers and sisters whom create them and therefore practicing group economics.

Tariq Nasheed should be proud.

Photography: Tara Scoville

MUA: Malik Edwin

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Why Super Cheap Clothes Aren’t Always A Good Idea

We all love a good deal. If we find a cute dress or a fresh tee for $20 or less, I’m pretty sure the feeling we get is similar to the feeling of winning the lottery. Though I haven’t felt a million dollar check in my hands…yet, I can imagine the euphoria is comparable.

What we fail to realize is that most products that are extremely low in cost are often made with chemicals that have a negative impact on the environment. These chemicals are absorbed through your skin and can cause health risks over time. Even though we want to look good for less, we shouldn’t compromise our health for a good deal. I too, am guilty of jumping at a steal too but as we start to care more about what’s going in our bodies, let’s start paying more attention to what we’re putting on our bodies too 🙂

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All About that Lace

Reunited and it feels so good!

It been a few months and it feels great to finally be back! I needed time to focus on finishing up my last year at FIDM and now that I’m down to only two more classes, I can connect with you once again. I’ve added two new categories: Everywhere but L.A and Tongue Tied so I can share my experiences traveling as well as my new food discoveries with my fellow adventure seekers. I’ve also partnered with the Bellwether Project to give my male audience their very own styles tips and secrets! I’m really excited about collaborating with BP because they truly have impeccable style, they’re self-made entrepreneurs and they’re humble so check them out on my new page Dapper Advisement. Fashion contributor Dilly Moon’s page has had a face lift and name change to Fashion Fix. Her previous posts are still there but her new ones are going to be bigger and better so make sure you check back every week for your fashion fix!

I have more in store for you including a line of tees that aim to educate and stimulate society. On top of that, they’re really cute; I can’t wait to debut them. I’ll let you know about all of my other endeavors when the time is right so in the mean time, I’ll jump right in to my new post that is looooooong overdue “All About that Lace”!

Photography: Tara Scoville

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You’re Weird. I Like You.

If you’ve had the opportunity to get to know me, you know how I relate to this tee. I’m the girl who doesn’t march to the beat of her own drum – I dance to it! I’ve always been the one to sing during a boring speech about how wine is made, design a playlist blending the tunes of the Dixie Chicks and Trinidad James, and state “facts” that only make sense to me like: Yankee Doodle had a farm. I’m the girl who will make you say WTF and I don’t plan on changing anytime soon. I don’t connect with “normal”. I connect with other unique souls and curious spirits who create magical experiences. Chances are, if you’re weird, I like you 🙂

Photography: Tara Scoville

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Blaque Out

I’m so excited to finally be able to show you the magic that I’ve been working on with my new photographer Tara Scoville! With her angles and attention to detail paired with my weekly study on “Le Art of Vogue Pose” and “Le Art of Sucking It In”, we’re here to bring you some killer new looks starting with Blaque Out.

Photography: Tara Scoville

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It's The Little Things

Small Accessories That Will Make a BIG Impact on your Fall/Winter Wardrobe!

Featuring our current obsessions from

Yaya’s Boutique

YaYa's Boutique Storefront

By: Dilly Moon

image (22)

It’s fall time and while many are diving right into each fun trend that this season brings, learning to update your wardrobe can be a task within itself. From animal print to boho chic, we’ve compiled some of our favorite accessories to help usher in a layered look during the cool, crisp Fall/Winter weather we’ve been waiting for!

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Cool in Plaid

I finally had time off from working 9 straight days in a row and it was clear, I needed a getaway. I didn’t plan ahead for an official escape but I’d settle for any place that was somewhat unique and creative. It wasn’t too hard to choose a place that embodied those qualities; living in sunny California definitely has it perks. Each city takes on it owns culture and that day I was feeling like being surrounded by cool, carefree vibes. I decided to take a 15 minute trip down to Venice, CA home of the Venice Canals, street art, and beachfront bliss. Normally, I don’t wear jeans but for some reason I felt like throwing on some denim, adding some ocean waves to my mane and heading towards the coast! I spent the day watching street dancers, trying new food, bargain shopping and meeting new people. It was the best day off I had in a while. I received a lot of compliments on my casual, hipster threads so I’d like to share this look from TopShop with you guys. Marc by Marc Jacobs bangles made for the perfect touch. Take a peak and let me know what you think! 🙂

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