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All About that Lace

Reunited and it feels so good!

It been a few months and it feels great to finally be back! I needed time to focus on finishing up my last year at FIDM and now that I’m down to only two more classes, I can connect with you once again. I’ve added two new categories: Everywhere but L.A and Tongue Tied so I can share my experiences traveling as well as my new food discoveries with my fellow adventure seekers. I’ve also partnered with the Bellwether Project to give my male audience their very own styles tips and secrets! I’m really excited about collaborating with BP because they truly have impeccable style, they’re self-made entrepreneurs and they’re humble so check them out on my new page Dapper Advisement. Fashion contributor Dilly Moon’s page has had a face lift and name change to Fashion Fix. Her previous posts are still there but her new ones are going to be bigger and better so make sure you check back every week for your fashion fix!

I have more in store for you including a line of tees that aim to educate and stimulate society. On top of that, they’re really cute; I can’t wait to debut them. I’ll let you know about all of my other endeavors when the time is right so in the mean time, I’ll jump right in to my new post that is looooooong overdue “All About that Lace”!

Photography: Tara Scoville

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