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Earth Tones

Boho Broderie

St. Patty’s Day is next week and instead of the bright lime green, chartreuse, or the creepy seafoam green that may be your normal go to every year, try a shade with a darker hue to turn heads with. I’m a big fan of olive and army green because they look good on just about any skin tone and they create soothing energies. The forces they exude represent harmony and compassion. Olive green in particular, symbolizes space and wisdom, feminine leadership qualities, and peace through compassion for humanity. I’m not sure if you’ll be aware of those energies while chugging down a Guinness at a local pub, but it’s good to know for your sober moments. Shots will still be free at the bar so long as you’re wearing any shade of green so you might as well pick a hue that won’t give others a headache when they look your way. Leave that task for the liquor 😉

Photography: Tara Scoville

Hair: Fleur Rebelle, LLC

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Tara and I got back on the field last week and made more magic! It’s always fun when we get together and I feel the outcome just keeps getting better and better. It’s like riding a bike, or flying a kite or learning how to cook, sometimes the process is challenging but the results get better each time. 🙂 This shoot was a little different, and in a good way because I got to shoot in one of my own pieces from my new line F.L.O.S.S. Daily.

Photography: Tara Scoville


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