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Vivrant Thang

Vivrant Thang

♫ Special girl, real good girl♫

Wussup world! Feels good to be back with more looks. I took some time to focus on my new travel company TheElement.Life, where I specialize in curating personalized itineraries with an element of surprise for people looking to travel abroad. Now, I’m finally at a point to where I can divert some of my attention back to my first love, XoXo K. Marie.

With MissGuided, BooHoo and Fashion Nova hogging my interest, Forever 21 was a thing of the past to me. I was an avid online shopper and rarely had the desire to physically shop in stores anymore. Even though Forever 21 does have eCommerce, I didn’t feel their low quality, lack luster floral pieces pieces measured up to my go-to online stores with simplistic, yet higher quality styles. One Saturday, I had no plans until the evening and was looking to get out of the house so I decided to make a mall run to to kill some time. I walked passed Forever 21 on my way to Nordstrom and was immediately drawn to their window displays full of color. I walked in and the rest is history! Forever 21 is back on my go-to list for updating my wardrobe. Their quality still isn’t the best but it has improved and their styles can finally compete with the online UK retailers I love so much. I put together this neon and metallic look to switch things up as summer approaches.

What do you guys think?

Photography: Tara Scoville

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Metallic Bodycon Dress

Forever 21
Longline Hooded Windbreaker

Aunt Funky’s Closet Rope Necklace

Callie Perspex Heel Orange Mesh Boot With Black Trim


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