Hey internet! So, there’s this site that I’ve been eyeing for a while and you guys might have seen it pop up on your FB feeds before. They showcase fresh and colorful looks with patterns that make your eyes dance and make your hands want to input your CC digits and worry about paying your cable bill later. I mean with Netflix and Fire Stick, who really needs cable anyways? If you’re reading this you have access to the internet and I know you who know someone with Netflix or Amazon so go ahead, get their password, save that $200 a month and spend it on something with substance uhhh…like a jumpsuit from this website 🙂

No, but seriously, almost every item sold is flawless; they accentuate our curves and electrify our melanin. The site acts as a marketplace for African textiles and jewelry and if I was ballin’, I could easily spend a comma in this store. was created by Kelechi due to the lack of modern and trendy Ankara, commonly known as African, inspired pieces in the retail industry. She works with designers all over the world to help potential customers have an easy, one-stop-shop to get a variety of African looks. The Black community wins. We, the consumers, get quality products inspired by the designs from our ancestry while supporting our brothers and sisters whom create them and therefore practicing group economics.

Tariq Nasheed should be proud.

Photography: Tara Scoville

MUA: Malik Edwin


I found these beaded necklaces at a store in Atlanta called Afrocentric Network. They do have an online presence; however, these babies are only sold in store.kiara_oct_look1_017

After lurking for months, I finally purchased a product from Zuvaa and I love it! I wore this Ankara jumpsuit made by Gitas Portal one day to Afrocentric Network and even their employees were giving out compliments and were asking me if I bought it at their store. Apparently, they loved it too!kiara_oct_look1_010 kiara_oct_look1_013

I saw these shoes on EGO, a UK based website and instantly knew I had to have them. They’re bold showstoppers without the pain! Made from breathable textiles and thick heels make them very comfortable. kiara_oct_look1_009

What do ya think?

Shop the look <3

Unfortunately the brand Gitas Portal sold out of the jumpsuit on but they still have pieces available on ASOS. Click the photo below:

Gitas Portal TIYANA African print playsuit

Gitas Portal
TIYANA African print playsuit

EGO Callie Perspex Heel Orange Mesh Boot With Black Trim

Callie Perspex Heel Orange Mesh Boot With Black Trim


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