XoXo K. Marie | Why Super Cheap Clothes Aren’t Always A Good Idea
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Why Super Cheap Clothes Aren’t Always A Good Idea

Why Super Cheap Clothes Aren’t Always A Good Idea

We all love a good deal. If we find a cute dress or a fresh tee for $20 or less, I’m pretty sure the feeling we get is similar to the feeling of winning the lottery. Though I haven’t felt a million dollar check in my hands…yet, I can imagine the euphoria is comparable.

What we fail to realize is that most products that are extremely low in cost are often made with chemicals that have a negative impact on the environment. These chemicals are absorbed through your skin and can cause health risks over time. Even though we want to look good for less, we shouldn’t compromise our health for a good deal. I too, am guilty of jumping at a steal too but as we start to care more about what’s going in our bodies, let’s start paying more attention to what we’re putting on our bodies too 🙂

Here are 5 chemicals to stay away from when shopping for clothes:

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∅ Acrylic – Fabrics containing acrylic contain the chemical dimethylformamide which “can cause liver damage and other adverse effects”, according to the CDC. Acrylic is largely used in synthetic coats and scarves so instead of going for the $5 cheap acrylic scarf, invest in a wool scarf when it goes on sale or from a thrift store. That way you’re still saving money without risking your health.

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∅ Azo Dyes – These common synthetic dyes treat leather, clothes and textiles while releasing amines on these fabrics which can increase the risk of bladder cancer. Again, stray towards products finished with natural dyes instead.

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∅ Phthalates – These chemicals are found in fast fashion raincoats, faux leather and waterproof clothing. They have been linked to detrimental reproductive effects in male rats but they haven’t been proved to be lethal to humans as of yet. Still, be cautious when purchasing these products.


∅ Nanosilver – This antimicrobial agent has been linked to killing brain cells in lab rats over time. Nanosilver was created to fight odor-causing bacteria on clothing. As amazing as this sounds, let’s stick to regular showers and natural perfumes to combat odor 🙂

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∅ Any stain resistant, static resistant, wrinkle-free or flame retardant – All of these finishes are treated with tons of harsh chemicals that can be sucked in through your skin and cause numerous developmental effects.

Instead of taking the risk with your well-being, shop for products containing natural fibers like wool, cotton, hemp, silk, etc. Sometimes brands will put chemicals on natural fabrics but it’s less likely to happen. Take a look at that care label before you check out. You may spend a little more now but you could be saving yourself hundreds to thousands in health care fee later on 😉

Information for this article was pulled from: Huffington Post
  • Jessi Malay/ 27.09.2016Reply

    This is a really helpful post girl…I had no idea these chemicals had such a huge affect on our bodies 🙁 Definitely will be paying more attention 🙂

    XO, Jessi

  • Cinderella/ 22.09.2016Reply

    Does this mean I can’t shop at Dd’s anymore? Way to kill my dreams and my bank account 🙂

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