XoXo K. Marie | Nigišiti Nets’a | Free the Queen
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Nigišiti Nets’a | Free the Queen

Nigišiti Nets’a | Free the Queen

There’s something so beautiful about the natural essence of a being.

We live in a time where the superficial is the standard for beauty and the more alterations we make to our temple, the better we think we look and feel. When it came to my hair, I too, thought I looked better with sewn in locks over my intrinsic coiled mane. I’ve witnessed the successful natural hair journey of some of my friends and recently wanted to try it for myself. I wanted to try a style that would define my curls. I wanted to exercise without the fear of “sweating out my hair”. I wanted to embrace my natural naps. I wanted to see what it felt like to be free. I tried flat twists and felt so vulnerable and shy; yet, unchained and unapologetic. I’m on a journey to find my happiness in whatever form that feels right to me and experiencing this form of freedom was an important step forward. I don’t believe adding extensions is detrimental to self-growth unless you feel are less than without them. I recently put back in my extensions in order to shoot a promotion video for Fleur Rebelle, LLC hair and COBA Cosmetology Academy and I can’t wait for you guys to check it out. However, I plan on continuing to experiment with my natural hair for my next styles. No longer do I equate my beauty to solely my weave. Accepting and loving myself for everything I came out the womb with radiates just how beautiful I truly am. Nigisti nets’a tederigwali. The Queen has been set free.

Photography: Tara Scoville

These oxfords are cute but the comfortability is what really sold me. I could prance around in these babies all day 🙂

I just love this Spring palette from H&M! Yes, they have the usual pastels but they also have bold teals, soft golds, and electric oranges to change things up and I’m so here for it!

Shop the look <3

H&M Georgette Blouse


Georgette Blouse

H&M Textured Skirt


Textured Skirt

H&M Narrow Waist Belt


Narrow Waist Belt

Attilio Giusti Leombruni Platform Oxford

Attilio Giusti Leombruni

Platform Oxford


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