XoXo K. Marie | COBA Curls for the Rebelle Girl
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COBA Curls for the Rebelle Girl

COBA Curls for the Rebelle Girl

When it comes to styling clothes, I get excited to mix and match prints, textures, and colors to achieve a dope look for whatever event its being worn to.


Now when it comes to styling my hair, unfortunately I’m not that creative. Whether it’s my natural hair or a weave, I’m always doing basic styles to get me through the day and then there are times when I don’t do even my hair at all smh *palm to face*.

A little while ago, COBA Cosmetology Academy reached out to me and offered to style my hair. I think the hair gods had enough of me embarrassing them lol. I accepted their invitation and as soon as I walked through the door, I was greeted by the senior instructor, Gina Salazar, who introduced me to the stylist that would be working magic on my hair, Chelsea. Currently, I have a weave in my hair using Bromelia Body Wave extensions from Fleur Rebelle, LLC. For people who like low-maintenance hair, like yours truly, this texture will be your bestfriend! It helps me to not look too disheveled when I don’t do my hair but when I do choose to whip something up, my usual go-to style is curls. They’re quick to do and to be honest, it’s pretty much one of the only styles I know how to do, so Chelsea offered to show me a way I can perfect my curls and make them last allllll day.

Check out this video of my visit to COBA and comment below to let me know what you think!

Here are closer, behind-the-scenes views of my COBA curls:
IMG_6863IMG_6868 IMG_6877IMG_6890 IMG_6885IMG_6905
IMG_6863 IMG_6868 IMG_6877 IMG_6885 IMG_6898IMG_6897
IMG_6901 IMG_6905 IMG_6910 IMG_6912


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