Blaque Out


I’m so excited to finally be able to show you the magic that I’ve been working on with my new photographer Tara Scoville! With her angles and attention to detail paired with my weekly study on “Le Art of Vogue Pose” and “Le Art of Sucking It In”, we’re here to bring you some killer new looks starting with Blaque Out.

Photography: Tara Scoville

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It’s The Little Things <3

Small Accessories That Will Make a BIG Impact on your Fall/Winter Wardrobe!

Featuring our current obsessions from

Yaya’s Boutique

YaYa's Boutique Storefront

By: Dilly Moon

image (22)

It’s fall time and while many are diving right into each fun trend that this season brings, learning to update your wardrobe can be a task within itself. From animal print to boho chic, we’ve compiled some of our favorite accessories to help usher in a layered look during the cool, crisp Fall/Winter weather we’ve been waiting for!

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Vibrant Thing

I’m baaaccckkkk! And I apologize for being gone for so long! I’ve missed you guys! So many changes have been happening from starting back at FIDM, to doing overtime at work, to hosting Urban Hollywood, dealing with car troubles, building and breaking relationships, planning for a 25th birthday bash, preparing for a big move and all the other things that “normal” 24 year olds deal with. I mean, the list goes on and on! However, sharing my styles with you guys and hearing your feedback brings me peace amidst my crazy life so I had to come back to my happy place with my one-of-a-kind custom body suit, hand painted by NDSLA!

image (27)

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New Month, New Additions

Hello everyone!

Things have gotten really busy for me (in a positive way) so I’ve decided to add a new blogger to XoXo K. Marie to help keep you up-to-date with current trends and topics going on in the fashion world. I’d like to introduce you all to Dilly Moon!

image (22)

She’s a long time friend of mind with an amazing writing skill so it’s my honor to bring her aboard to help keep you in the loop. I’ll still be blogging about my new styles while she brings you the Style Files! She’s written her first article called The Big 3 – Ones to Watch featuring up and coming young designers under 30 who are creating a buzz in the fashion world. Click the title above or the Navigation tab at the top labeled Style File to check out Dilly Moon’s post. Drop her a comment and let her know what you think!

K. Marie Blog 022

The other section I’ve added is called Designer’s Edge. It’s my new web series showcasing the creative talents of mostly African-American designers and artists. My first episode is a short interview with the designing duo NDSLA! Learn more about these two and how they came about. Be sure to check back next month as future episodes will include behind-the-scenes access into other designers and artists’ creative processes. Make sure to drop me a comment as well and thank you for your continued love and support!

Until next time…

XoXo, K. Marie

Cool in Plaid


I finally had time off from working 9 straight days in a row and it was clear, I needed a getaway. I didn’t plan ahead for an official escape but I’d settle for any place that was somewhat unique and creative. It wasn’t too hard to choose a place that embodied those qualities; living in sunny California definitely has it perks. Each city takes on it owns culture and that day I was feeling like being surrounded by cool, carefree vibes. I decided to take a 15 minute trip down to Venice, CA home of the Venice Canals, street art, and beachfront bliss. Normally, I don’t wear jeans but for some reason I felt like throwing on some denim, adding some ocean waves to my mane and heading towards the coast! I spent the day watching street dancers, trying new food, bargain shopping and meeting new people. It was the best day off I had in a while. I received a lot of compliments on my casual, hipster threads so I’d like to share this look from TopShop with you guys. Marc by Marc Jacobs bangles made for the perfect touch. Take a peak and let me know what you think! :)

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I’ve Got The Blues

Summer’s here and two-piece sets have taken over! It’s the only look where being matchy-matchy works and is no longer a faux pas. I was out shopping for a birthday dinner at Arden B when this bold blue set caught my eye. I loved the texture so I tried it on; not only did it fit like a glove but it was 40% off! I knew then, it was an instant winner— not for the dinner but I still needed it in my closet all the same. I mean, I’d be crazy not to take this set at 40% off, right? :) It’s just the summer staple I’ve been looking for!

Photography: Viola Lam

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John Born: [Custom] Work

Hi loves! I’m so happy to finally show you this amazing top that was hand painted by the incredibly talented John Born. He is truly the definition of an artist because his talent is unmeasured and can not be defined by only one thing. He specializes in custom anything literally, he can customize anything! This tank was painted for me with a quickness and if you think this is cute, check out his website Born Originals and you’ll really be in awe. I just love the versatility of his pieces and this post will show how I styled a Born Original for a chic work look! :)

Photography: Justin Troung

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Hello Spencer

Emblem Showroom has done it again! They introduced me to the brand Spencer Lacy and as soon as I tried on this look, I became an instant fan! These clothes had me feeling super sexy all while being fully covered; it doesn’t get any better than that ladies. I loved the loose yet soft and clingy touch of the fabric. They’re lightweight enough for the Spring but can easily transfer to fall. Hello Spencer! :)

Photography: Ricky Trey & Magica

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Year of Yoze

I’m so excited to be working with the amazing Emblem Showroom who has introduced me to the new up-and-coming brand, Yoze! I’m crowning designer Davin Odia as the king of digital prints; every piece in his S14 collection was beautifully done and eye catching. It was so hard to choose just one look to showcase! His fabric choices are breathable and flattering to a woman’s natural curve. I finally chose this strapless dress because this pattern is intricate, fun, bold and a little weird…just like me. :)

Photography: Ricky Tr3y & Magica

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Pleather Weather

Hey guys! I know it’s been a couple weeks since my last post and I’d thought I’d show you all a slightly different side of me. I usually go for lighter colors (especially with my make up) and a don a somewhat girly style, but this time I felt like switching it up! Pleather Weather Read more